Welcome to a literary festival focused on the joys of reading!

Welcome to a literary festival focused on the joys of reading!

The Epigraph Literary Festival introduces readers to authors with new and upcoming books and hosts reading and lifestyle-themed sessions.  Join us for 3-days of literary fun and grow your reading list from April 24th - 26th, 2024!


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The Epigraph Literary Festival is a free biannual virtual celebration of everything books, reading, and the literary lifestyle.  We host a Spring Summer festival in April and our Fall Winter festival in September. 

Join us from April 24th - 26th, 2024, for 3-days of literary fun! We will have amazing authors, some fantastic speakers, fun sessions, happy hours, giveaways, plus more.

The best part?  It's a free virtual event!

“Every book begins and ends with other people- the readers who suggest the book to us and encourage us to read it, the talented author who crafted each word, the fascinating individuals we meet inside the pages- and the readers we discuss and share the book with when we finish.”


A free community festival where lovers of all things literary gather.

How does this sound?

An opportunity to discover new books, meet authors, and listen to discussions.




Fill your journals and topple your TBR with books that speak to you.


Get reader approved book recommendations from across genres.


Revitalize your love for books and reading, and walk away being inspired.





While festival attendance will ALWAYS be free, by purchasing replays, you are directly contributing to the success of this community-driven event. This support helps us offset costs associated with the festival, such as software, video editing, and other production expenses. In addition, it also allows us to start planning the next festival.

Yes, 100% is a Bold Claim but Our Festival will have Something for Every Book Lover!

We will have speakers sharing great book recommendations in themed sessions, with authors popping in to join the fun. The full festival schedule will be available on Friday, April 5th. Register to attend to be the first to be notified.

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Is the festival virtual, in person or both? 

At this time the Epigraph Literary Festival is completely virtual and hosted on Crowdcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the last event, when is your next festival?

Our 2023-2024 Fall Winter festival will be hosted from September 21st - 23rd, 2023.  In the meantime, sign up for our festival replays here.

What time zone is the festival located in? 

We are based in the USA and operating on Eastern Time (GMT-4). New York time is a good reference to use for conversions. 

How much does it cost to attend the festival? 

Festival attendance is free of charge however you will be required to register in order to attend.  

What if I can't attend, will there be replays? 

Yes, replays will be available! While live festival attendance is free of charge, replays will be available for one flat fee.  Sign up for replays here.

Do I have to register for each session that I want to attend?

No.  You only need to register once to attend one, two or all the available event sessions during the festival.

I am an author or publishing professional.  How do I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you! Please send an email to publicity [at] thebibliogroup [dot] com.

I have a question or feedback.  How do I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you!  Please send an email to hello [at] epigraphlitfest [dot] com.

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